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Quotes Got it! Thanks a lot again for hlepgin me out! Quotes

Quotes E802iO Kudos to you! I hadn't thought of that! Quotes

Quotes r1DpWh I'm out of league here. Too much brain power on display! Quotes

Quotes You've hit the ball out the park! Increldibe! Quotes

Quotes Thank you so much. Your product got rid of my bleeding gums- 3days of use. I now brush whats left of my teeth with it every morning. My loose teeth are now in solid. I normally have to have cleanings every 6 months. Went for a cleaning last week . 1st in 10 months. It took 15 minutes, x-rays included. My Dentist was amazed , no plaque , a bit of stains and the teeth that were loose are no longer. He was amazed and wanted to know what my secret was ! I kept it a secret though . This product is fantastic and is saving me a fortune in dental bills. Thank you so Much ! Baton Rouge , LA, USA Quotes
Rita May
Gum Disease

Quotes when cold and flu are arround I start spraying 2 sprays in my nose and throat,3-4 times a day and through the night 2-3.And it works!!I also use it for anything thats wrong with the skin.It is just a wonderful product I believe in it. Fransie of South Africa Quotes
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Quotes Cause : 2 types Herpes Virus HSV-1 / HSV-2 Mayo Clinic indicates -No cure ?? beg to differ !! 100's of testimonials on line from people who have used this product and have been cured 4-6 months. Treatments used 1/2 oz in morning and 1/2 oz before bed Spray sores and itching areas for immediate relief as needed. This is for male or female. Oral ingestion of this product requires that is be left for a couple of minutes, under the tongue. This will send the product directly to your blood stream and quicken results Advise 100 ml bottle size , should get you 50% there. Please have your doctor test you every 2 months to monitor your levels. Practice safe sex until given 100% flag. Obviously you can do what you want , when and how after you get the 100% flag from your doctor. Good Luck! Our blessings and thought are with you! Please leave testimonial after all is said and done. Quotes
R&D Results
Genital Herpes

Quotes Great information , now to try product ! I was fortunate to have known Czar too . Quotes
Rock Head

Quotes My 8 yr old daughter was sent home from school because she was starting to get pink eye. They told me she would not be allowed back until it was healed. I'm a full time working single Mom. This does not work for me. I swabbed Chelsea's eye that night, by morning the redness was almost gone.We repeated the treatment that night and by morning she was fine and back to school. This product is wonderful, we use it for everything! Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Used it to heal a cut and bruise on my leg, healed in a couple of days awesome product! Quotes