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Our hand and body creams are all natural care for your skin.  Our bases consist of lanolin, vitamin e oil and safflower oil. Lanolin for its softening and nuturing properies, vitamin e for healing and scar repair, Safflower oil uses your own bodies water to naturally  moisturize dry areas.   All scents are naturally distilled from the fruit or the plant and offer a pleasing aroma, good enough to eat.

For immediate healing effects of various types of skin problems try Calendula and Honey. Honey offers natural anti-bacterial properties , while Calendula heals skin damage. Closure and sealing of cuts and cracks in the skin. Amazing Properties!

Calendula & Honey, Hemp 7 Honey, Seabuckthorn Berry & Goji, Mint, Clove, Idalia, English Lavender, Mexican Vanilla & Patuli

Price is per jar, please advise us of the scent/kind your interested in.

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