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This Website & New Moon Productions have been created in loving memory  of Czar.

Czar was a half White Shepard and half Golden Lab cross. In 2004 at the age of 12, he was diagnosed with Lymphatic Cancer. For 2 years we battled the Cancer, strong will, determination, a lot of love and a lot of money,  we believed that being cancer free for a 1.5 years we had won the battle. After the 2nd operation, the Vet informed me that he was too old to survive another operation, his heart would not be able to handle the stress. When he was 15 yrs. old the Cancer returned along with multiple cysts, depletion of sight and hearing. Frantic I began to look at alternative medicines and while researching Colloidal Silver kept popping up. Focused on this product and it's healing properties I decided to become a manufacturer. Colloidal Silver was applied to his Cancerous Lymph nodes, cysts, sprayed in his ears and wiped around the eyes. Within a week of treatment his hearing had returned enough that he could hear me call him, his cysts had turned black, burst open and disappeared. One of two lymph nodes had shrunk and all though taking longer, the treatments appeared to be working. A visit to the Vet and several tests resulted with the exception of the Cancer he was as healthy as a 5 yr. old animal. I decided to expand the use of this product to my plants, myself , my friends , family and Golden Retriever. The results and feedback was amazing, hence the birth of New Moon Productions. The meaning of New Moon is " New Beginnings".



With every positive there is a negative ! At 4:20 am Oct 17, 2009 , 2 days before his 17th birthday I was forced to say goodbye  forever to my dearest and most faithful friend. Out in the front yard for a bathroom trip, the newspaper delivery person drove into the yard and delivered the paper. I informed him that the old dog was in the front yard and he could not hear or see well to please be careful leaving. Ignoring what I had told him he quickly backed down the drive way to the point where I heard Czar cry out and the driver scream " I ran him Over" Rushed to the emergency  Vet I was informed that my tough old boy had no broken bones from being run over but it had crushed his spleen and he was bleeding internally. At 6 am I watched as his soul left his body , This was the greatest  loss I have ever experienced. My heart will never be the same.                                                           Be at peace my frieind, be at peace.